What to do if I can’t get credit after clearing my name?

You were in debt and followed all the steps to remove the CPF from the Credit Protection Bodies. But still, it can’t make some financial bank transactions.

Well, several may be the reasons why a person can’t get credit even with clean name and social security number. Check out some:

Requesting credit in many places can cause your request for money to be denied.



Your salaries may not be sufficient to obtain credit in the market. Personal Loan, for example, is the transaction that most considers the value of income. With a low income, such as a minimum wage, for example, it is almost impossible to borrow money.

Credit cards and payment books are easier to achieve with a low income. The amount awarded, however, is equally low.

Internal Records

Even clearing the name at Serasa, SPC (Credit Protection Service) or CCF (Register of Bad Checks Issuers) often keep inside information about people who got their names dirty. Thus, in these companies the request for your credit can be denied even with the clean name.

Too many attempts


Companies also have access to the number of queries that are made on their social security number. If there are a lot of searches done on your behalf, then you may be requesting credit in many places.

This is perceived as a risk by companies, which ultimately deny your request for money.

Open Financing

It’s more information that companies can access. Even though your name is clear and your funding is up to date, companies can understand that you will not be able to afford another debt and will not approve your request.

Informal work

The lack of formal proof of income is also one of the reasons for not getting credit from the market.

In this case the tip is to try credit with money-lending financial institutions – whose rules are more flexible than banks.

Another tip is, in the case of informal income, to provide a Decore – document that proves your monthly income and have the Income Tax Declaration in hand.

You can also go to the bank where you have an account and talk to the manager. Doing this in some cases can get the desired credit.

Tips to Avoid Not Getting Credit


Now that you have what to do if you’ve cleared your name and can’t get credit, here are some tips for not getting in debt again and having your claim denied by banks or financial institutions:

  • Credit card only when you really need to install a purchase. Don’t pass the card to pay for superfluous things.
  • Never pay the minimum invoice amount. This incurs interest and fines, becoming the famous (snowball).
  • If you go over the overdraft limit, try to cover it fast. If you cannot, use a loan to pay it off, as the interest on the loan is lower than that charged by overdraft.
  • Cut unnecessary spending as the country is in a difficult economic situation.
  • Try to save some of what you earn. This amount can be used in emergencies, preventing you from incurring debt to make a payment.