How to Apply for Payday Loans

If you are looking for a loan to solve any type of debt, we are going to talk about one of the best loans in the Carrefour Loan market through the PASS card

The Pass card is a credit card that Carrefour puts at your disposal; It has associated a series of discounts and points for each purchase you make in different establishments, so it can be very profitable to have it.

The card gives us the possibility of making payments in practically any establishment, since it is a MasterCard card . If you use it to buy at Carrefour you will receive money every so often.

One of the main characteristics of the card is that it allows us to request personal loans with the amount that suits us best. With the card we will not have to wait any longer to implement all our plans.

If you are interested, in the following lines we will study everything that carrefour loans and loans can offer you

Are the Carrefour loans reliable?

Carrefour is a popular multinational chain of French origin. It has consolidated as the first European group, remaining at a reduced distance in relation to the net income of companies such as Schwarz Gruppe and Lidl or Makro .

The data referring to 2014 indicate that Carrefour has consolidated with 10,870 stores distributed throughout 10 countries. In only in Europe they have 3360 stores. They have 5013 stores in France, 830 in Latin America, 307 in Asia and some 1350 stores in countries under agreement.

In general, its activity focuses on those markets that have a large expansion: Spain, Italy, China, Brazil and Morocco.

With all this information, we can conclude that really Carrefour loans are legit, and that they will not give us any problems. However, it will require reviewing your conditions to see if they suit us.

Choose the type of loan you need and enjoy the advantages that Carrefour loans give you

Choose the type of loan you need and enjoy the advantages that Carrefour loans give you


From the moment you ask, you can count on the money quickly and completely confidentially in your account . Neither will you be charged for study expenses and you will not need to open an account with any bank to enjoy the money.

Contact forms

Contact forms

To request any type of information related to the card, Carrefour offers a complete customer service. We can receive information through the following resources:

– Telephone: To receive telephone service, we will call 914 68 91 94 from Monday to Friday from nine in the morning until nine at night, uninterrupted.

-Attention online: We also have the possibility of requesting information through a practical online form that Carrefour puts at our disposal (which you can find here ). We will have to leave our data and the type of query. In addition, we will also have to select the reason for the query, for which the system can expedite the resolution of the same.

  • Physical attention: Any question or diligence related to the card can be processed physically in Carrefour hypermarkets. You will only have to find the one that is closest to your location. So that you do not have to complicate yourself too much, this link helps you to know.
  • App: In addition, Carrefour offers available applications for the main mobile phone operating systems. In them we can also perform certain procedures related to the PASS card. We have an application available for Android operating systems, which can be downloaded from Google play and another application available for IOS operating systems, in this case available from the App Store.

These applications consume very few resources and hardly occupy space, so it is worth having them, if only in case.

What is the documentation that they will ask you?

What is the documentation that they will ask you?

For this credit, you will need to send them the National Identity Document, a bank receipt in which you are the holder. They will also ask for a receipt of income. The last two payrolls and the IRPF statement, you may be asked for the last 2 delcaraciones and also the last two payments of social security when the person is autonomous . You must get proof of the last pension and also the income tax declaration for pensioners.

In order to design a credit tailored to what you are looking for, the best option is to enter to design the credit at your whim. Discover the best options to get the money you need through your simulator.

When you have to apply for any type of credit, you must go to the bank to request the amount of money agreed. However, thanks to the Internet and carrefour, you have the possibility of enjoying your carrefour credit through the Internet .

Carrefour personal loans

Carrefour personal loans

Carrefour is one of the largest multinationals in the world and was born in France to dedicate itself to distribution. It settled in our country as a commercial center and nowadays has almost 17,000 establishments throughout 33 countries. In all these countries, its main activity is the distribution of products of all kinds, but carrefour has wanted to expand its sights and has wanted to devote to business, starting with credits.

In the multiple activities offered by carrefour , everything related to loans can be carried out in its facilities to customers who are looking for a credit of any kind. Carrefour not only offers loans, but the possibility of having credit cards that give you many advantages when paying at their establishments. You can also offer car insurance, home insurance, life insurance for all carrefour customers .

The credits that can be obtained in carrefour are personal loans , you can find credits tailored for each of the customers, you can get up to 30,000 euros depending on the requirements.

These credits are very easy and fast to get and are requested without having to give any kind of explanation to anyone, since the company has the respect towards the privacy of the people. You can get the money without saying absolutely anything about the end of that money and you can do it from home or at the company’s finance stand. They also have other financing services such as the PASS loan and 3 and 10 month interest-free PASS financing.

Carrefour loan with pass Mastercard


Get this carrefour credit by means of the pass Mastercard that is requested within the same establishment. This card has a lot of features that will make life easier and especially access to credit.

  • in this type of credit, the maximum amount that can be requested is up to 30,000 euros.
  • The maximum term to return this type of credits goes from 84 months to 7 years.
  • You can take out an amortization insurance for the credit
  • In this type of loans, the client does not have to open new accounts or change banks and does not have to pay any extra expenses for a study to be done to the person.

For documentation of carrefour loans , the feasibility of the person requesting a loan is studied for free. For this, the company will request some documents.

  1. You must have your ID or you can also present the residence card of the person who asks for the credit.
  2. A bank receipt must be requested by means of which it is demonstrated that it is in the name of the person
  3. You must ask for proof of income to ensure that we can return the credit without any problem.
  4. The last two payrolls and the income statement.

Once the company approves the credit you can dispose of the money quickly and no extra expense on your part.

If you are not yet a PASS customer and would like to enjoy the benefits and advantages offered by the PASS and Carrefour Card, you can contact the Customer Service at 914 68 91 94 which is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. 9:00 pm, or at the Carrefour Financial Services Stand at your nearest Carrefour center to solve any of your doubts and hire the services of Carrefour Hypermarkets.

How to request a carrefour loan using the PASS card?

How to request a carrefour loan using the PASS card?

This card, in addition to giving you the possibility of applying for a loan in Carrefour in the minimum possible time, also has a series of characteristics that will make your day-to-day, and especially your regular purchases, a much simpler process.

-The maximum amount of money we can request is € 30,000.

-The return period will be 96 months .

-We can also take out an amortization insurance for the credit that is going to be requested, although it is not obligatory.

-To be able to request this type of credit, the client will not have to open new accounts, change banks, or pay any extra expenses. The entity will be in charge of making a customized financial study without incurring any type of expense.

Step by step for your carrefour credit using the PASS card

Asking for a loan with the PASS card is very simple; everything is managed through the Internet (as long as you already have the card). It has no type of study expense, so it is very profitable.

For this, you will have to use this personal loan simulator . We tell you how to use it:

  • Destination of the loan: The first thing the system will need to know is the destination of the loan. That is, you will have to indicate if you want it to make a reform, to cover medical expenses, to buy a new car, for a family event, for treasury, to renovate furniture, etc. The minimum amount you can request is € 3000 , while the maximum amount is € 30,000 .

The way to enter the desired capital is the same as in any other simulator: we will have to move the bar until we reach the desired figure.

  • Duration of the loan: We will also have to indicate the duration of the loan. In the simulator it appears prefixed to 96 months and it seems that there is no way to change it.
  • Fee to pay each month: Depending on the economic amount that we have chosen, we can choose the monthly payment that suits us best.

For example, let’s assume we want to ask for a loan of € 15,000 ; in this case, we can choose to pay a fee of € 222.44, € 244.30, € 274.29, € 316.40, € 379.90, € 486.24, € 669.29 or € 1335.61 .

Commissions of 6.90% TIN and 9.76% APR will be applied.

  • Loan insurance: The simulator will also ask you if you want to secure the loan.

In the credits that can be requested with the PASS card you have the possibility of hiring a completely optional insurance. This insurance is being managed by the company Cardiff Sociéte Vie y Carma. A percentage is applied to the monthly payment that appears in the financing options box that we will find below the simulator.

Once we have filled in the information requested by the simulator, we can continue with the process by entering our personal data. They will ask us for the name, the surnames, the type of profession that we exercise, our postal code, location, mobile phone number and email address. If everything is correct, we will simply have to accept the legal conditions and continue with the process.

If you do not clarify too much with a point, remember that you can always go to any Carrefour hypermarket to give you a hand. Here you can be informed by a people about the available loans and the conditions of them.

However, our recommendation is that you manage the entire process through the Internet: everything you need will be available to you through the practical simulator that Carrefour provides us with. We can know what we are going to pay, how long we will have to pay the fees, and any other type of detail before sending the data so we can adapt the fees to our needs.

Interests of Carrefour loans and credits

Interests of Carrefour loans and credits

In relation to the interests, these can be very variable since they will depend on the term of return, as well as on the amount that we want to request.

For example, if we want to apply for a € 3000 loan with a repayment term of 96 months , in the monthly payment mode of € 53.23 , a 12% TIN and an APR of 16.76% will be applied. which will eventually have to return an amount of 5110.08.

If we want to apply for € 3000 , with a return time of 12 months , an interest of TIN 12% and APR 26.18% will be applied , so the total to be returned will be € 3293.28 .

In the same way that when asking for any type of credit, with the Carrefour loans requested through the PASS card, special attention must be paid to what is stipulated in the fine print. And is that the Commission will be 3% on the amount that has been requested. However, this will not generate study expenses.

However, we must consider that the amounts we have mentioned are indicative and will require study by Carrefour’s financial services. It is possible that, at the time you submit a response to our request, the conditions may change slightly.

Advantages of requesting the PASS card

Advantages of requesting the PASS card

  • Direct money: Through your different lines of credit, you can have money urgently to give you the use you need.
  • Great advantages: It will help you get great discounts on your daily purchases. In addition, it is a card that is allowed in virtually any type of establishment.
  • Easy to get: The card is very easy to obtain; or we can request it through your online form, or in the physical establishments of Carrefour.

· Speed: Once we have the PASS, we can have the money in our account almost immediately.

PASS money

PASS money

PASS money is another of the benefits you can get by having your PASS Card . With PASS Money you can request the amount of money available in your PASS credit line and it will be deposited into your bank checking account. And you can order it using any of these two Carrefour channels.

    • Telephone: Only with a call to 914 68 91 94
  • PASS Client Zone:

The Carrefour hypermarkets

In Carrefour you can request all types of credits, however, you can also get this type of credits through the Internet. You do not have to get up from your couch and you can enter the web, deliver all the documents by sending them by mail and have the money in your account in less time than you imagine. On the web you can see all the documentation you need and how you can send it.

Get this type of credits without any problem and only in 5 simple steps that you can do from anywhere through the Internet.

The first step in order to have this credit in your bank account is that you can calculate it through the simulator. Once this step is completed, you must enter the amount and duration by which you want to have this credit.

Once you put all these steps, you must go to identify yourself with the pass card , which is one of the requirements you need for this type of credits. Without this card you can not access credit in this company.

Now enter the owner’s information and confirm all the information that will appear on the screen. the confirmation will be done in a few minutes.

Once the data is accepted, you pass the confirmation of the money in your main bank account.

If you do it from the Internet you can quickly get everything you need through the simulator before sending the data, so you’ll know what you’re going to pay and for how long. This allows you to adapt the quotas to what you are looking for.

How much money do you want?

How much money do you want?

Carrefour has a financial department through which you can count on a team of professionals. The carrefour service has a credit facility that is given to customers who have the carrefour PASS card . This card can be ordered completely free of charge and does not have any kind of annual fee. It works like any normal credit card but with all the advantages that carrefour cards give you .

When requesting a carrefour loan , you must have a special attention to what is related to the fine print. , since the commission is 3% on the amount of the requested credit, however, it does not generate study expenses. On the other hand, you must also know the fee and the% TAE.

You should also read that it includes a Cardif and Carma insurance, to be able to amortize the credit. there is 8.26% on the monthly payment. You should also bear in mind that having the card does not ensure that the credit is granted to you, although it is a completely essential requirement so that you can be given credit in Carrefour’s financial services.

You should know that the amounts that we have given you in the previous paragraph are tentative and may vary depending on the place.

Fast loans related to Carrefour and all entities, are very beneficial because they can be ordered from home without having any problems. Since you do not need paperwork, everything is much faster and also, they will not ask for a guarantee as in other entities, so you can get privacy for what you need money.

What documentation do you need for this type of Carrefour loans?

  1. You can get your carrefour pass card for free. This step is completely necessary, you can process it online or do it by means of a phone call.
  2. The current national identity document
  3. A bank receipt
  4. a current bank receipt

By submitting this documentation you can prove that you are eligible for the credit.



Carrefour is a company of French origin that initially began as a food distributor and gradually began to grow into a multinational. It was not until 1973 that he arrived in Spain and began to expand throughout the territory.

Throughout many years, the company has been converted into another type of company, which is not only engaged in the sale of food, but of all kinds of products and even the granting of credits. Today, carrefour has more than 10,000 stores and has become over time one of the companies that distributes more products to Europe and the world in general.

Within the area of ​​Spain, this company already has more than 172 hipermecados and with more than 160 supermecados expre s. It also has 109 parking lots throughout the territory and 415 travel agencies. Travel agencies are the best option and the best results are in every way.

Carrefour , together with other large stores such as El corte inglés or Alcampo, are companies that are not banks but give the same advantages that one offers when it comes to financial services and credit granting. However, to access this type of credit, you must have the cards of your supermarkets.

Nowadays, with the economic needs that are lived in many areas of Spain, many families do not get any type of financing through personal loans. the need of so many families, is what makes more and more companies that are not bank decide to help the thousands of families around the world to obtain the economic fluidity they need.

Once you enter carrefour to see the credits, the only thing you have to carry out is a selection among the different credits offered by the entity . each of the companies has its own conditions. Check very carefully what carrefour offers you and also how you can take advantage of all the advantages of having a credit outside of a bank, such as low interest rates or flexibility when paying.

Now that you know how to carry out this type of Carrefour loans , you will be able to compare the different conditions of this loan and others that offer you benefits and see if it really suits what you are looking for.