Crowdfunding – Different Kinds of Loans


Crowdfunding platforms are mushrooming in the Netherlands according to surveys. Also, many loans with a total value of around EUR 223 million were concluded in 2017 through such lending platforms.

Collecting loans via crowdfunding has thus increased by more than 30% compared to 2016. In 2017 about 5000 new companies and projects could be financed thanks to crowdfunding platforms.

Loans for companies and projects

For projects (for example for theater, film and music) 14.4 million euros were raised through crowdfunding. For each creative amount, the average loan amount was 15,000 euros. A company raised an average of 102,000 euros in this way.

In total, Dutch companies raised almost 193,000 million euros in 2017 via crowdfunding. Borrowing money for starting your own company is possible through crowdfunding provided you have a good idea and business plan.

The interest rate can be slightly lower than with a normal business loan .


Borrow money for social projects

Borrow money for social projects

In 2017 a lot of money was also borrowed for social projects according to surveys. For example, all kinds of (construction) projects were ‘supported’ by investors such as playgrounds and projects for schools. A total of just over 13 million euros was raised via crowdfunding platforms.


Personal loans for consumers

Personal loans for consumers

Consumers also made grateful use in 2017 of the possibility of borrowing money without the intervention of a bank.

On average Dutch consumers borrowed an amount of 7,500 euros. A total of 2.8 million euros was collected by consumers.

They closed these personal loans mainly for renovations (financing kitchen, bathroom, etc) or borrowed money for a car / caravan.

The crowdfunding market has grown slightly compared to 2016. But at a slower pace than in previous years. In 7 years time, however, an exceptionally high amount of 600 million euros has been raised.